Top Skills Healthcare Employers Look For In Professionals

Top skills healthcare employers look for in professionals

“The more we give importance to skill development, the more competent will be our youth.” – Narendra Modi. The world is moving towards a complex future. The recent pandemic showed us that we all as a society have to be ready to think on our feet and give out of the box solutions.  One industry […]

How Can The Right Healthcare HR-Tech Platform Bring Value To Your Institution?

HR-tech platform bring value to your institution - Cover

Healthcare is one of the crucial pillars of the Indian economy. The healthcare industry in India is rapidly evolving and is expected to reach $50 billion in market size by 2025. Several factors, such as the rising demand for quality patient care, lifestyle changes, and the prevalence of chronic diseases, are positively influencing the healthcare […]

Why Is A Sufficient Workforce Crucial To Patient Safety?

Why sufficient workforce is crucial to patient safety Cover

Imagine a world without healthcare professionals! Or, let’s imagine a scenario where a patient in desperate need goes to the hospital only to find out that no doctor or nurse can cater to the patient’s requirements. Why? Because the healthcare facility is understaffed. This is the worst kind of scenario! Isn’t it? Remember the emergency […]

Bridging The Growing Gap Between Healthcare Demand & Supply

Bridging the growing gap between healthcare

Let’s begin with a startling fact! Besides 550 new medical colleges, India needs an additional healthcare workforce of 7.4 million by 2030. That’s a huge demand to be catered to and hence the supply should be in abundance. Let’s read further to understand the demand and supply circle in depth.  The workforce is the backbone […]

How Empowering Nurses Will Strengthen India’s Healthcare Industry

In 2020, the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic struck the world in an unprecedented way, leading to chaos at hospitals and loss of life—a time when every country realised the importance of strengthening their healthcare workforce. Clearly, nurses comprise a considerable part of the healthcare workforce in India and are well-trained to provide care and administer treatment […]

Ace Your Interview: Most Asked Nursing Interview Questions With Answers

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“Save one life, you are a hero; save a hundred lives, you are a nurse” Sounds true, isn’t it? To save one life, you need luck but for saving hundreds of them, you need resilience, patience, empathy, compassion, organizing & technical skills.  Nurses have been the backbone of our healthcare industry. Sometimes undervalued, but constant […]

How Do On-Demand Workers Help Healthcare Institutions During A Crisis?

No patient deserves to be left unattended, having no healthcare worker by their side. Therefore, the healthcare system must strengthen what it relies upon the most during testing times—healthcare workers. Now the question is—Does it seem achievable? It certainly is with the gig economy that offers an on-demand healthcare workforce ready to deliver services per […]

JOBIZO- The Technological Revolution The Indian Healthcare Industry Needed

The 21st century is technology-driven and will always be known as the Information age, and the coronavirus pandemic gave the world a much-needed unprecedented push toward technology. India’s healthcare sector has grown manifolds over the past few years and is expected to reach US$ 372 billion in 2022 from US$ 110 billion in 2016. Medical […]