Top skills healthcare employers look for in professionals

Top Skills Healthcare Employers Look For In Professionals

“The more we give importance to skill development, the more competent will be our youth.” – Narendra Modi.

The world is moving towards a complex future. The recent pandemic showed us that we all as a society have to be ready to think on our feet and give out of the box solutions. 

One industry which was majorly tested in such difficult times was undoubtedly THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY! Those who did not crack under pressure and used their skills to the best of their abilities were able to sustain the pandemic. You know what this tells us? 

The Importance Of SKILL DEVELOPMENT In Healthcare Employees!

The 21st century is like a war of technological innovations, which are eventually pushing the healthcare sector towards more value creation. It is no longer the race of which healthcare institution has the longest line, but which institution can provide the best and innovative patient care delivery!

The facilities are leaving no stone unturned in recruiting professionals who can improve patient experience and clinical outcomes. To address the sector’s growing need for a skilled workforce, healthcare employers are now increasingly focusing on and taking skill-based hiring routes.

And professionals who are continuously upskilling themselves will always be preferred and are more likely to get better career opportunities. Brace yourself for an impact if you are a professional who is not updated about the skills in demand. Because it is only going to get much tougher for you to sustain your job in the longer run, keeping the growing competition and the need for highly skilled professionals in mind.

And we knew you’d come looking for the answers! 

Continue reading this till the end, as this blog is going to be full of insights for you and also we will disclose the opportunity for you to elevate your healthcare career!

SKILL DEVELOPMENT in healthcare employees

Good Communicators Along With Good Patient Care

No healthcare institution wants a negative patient outcome which tarnishes its reputation. But that’s what poor communication can lead to. 

Imagine a scenario, where a hassled patient or their relatives come to a hospital. 

If a nurse or a doctor who is excellent at patient care but fails to calm them, will the patient ever trust the same doctor/nurse? 


Good communication can solve a lot of patient agony and healthcare institutions are not considering it an important attribute! This also eliminates the risk of misdiagnosis, which not only leads to patient dissatisfaction but also drives healthcare costs. Good communication skills in healthcare is one of the main selection criteria for employers.

Good Leadership Skills In Healthcare Isn’t Just About Confidence

Healthcare is one of those sectors that often stand the test of time, and that’s why employers seek professionals who can take on challenges not as workers but as leaders.

What does it take to be a leader?

Having a high level of self-confidence or fostering a healthy relationship with everyone on the team? Yes, these are necessary traits to be a good leader, but it goes well beyond this.

The high stakes and high-pressure environment often crumbles the best of professionals, and that’s where a leader comes to the rescue, who brings a more team-oriented approach to the healthcare delivery system. A leader can take on the mantle of fulfilling duties and responsibilities to the best of their ability while serving the patients well.

Good Communicators Along With Good Patient Care

Quick-Thinking Ability Protects Patients’ Health

The healthcare sector is prone to medical emergencies. Employers bank on professionals who showcase quick thinking and have the tenacity to withstand a crisis.

From accurately diagnosing the health issue to analysing the implications the actions might have on the patients’ health, all add to a professional’s quick-thinking ability. Each patient case is different and handling each case with a quick wit is the need of the hour!

Quick-thinking Ability Protects Patients' Health

Extremely Organised & Detail-Oriented Professionals 

Medical errors cost billions annually, and even the slightest mistake could spell disaster for an organisation in healthcare. Perhaps, the reason why employers seek professionals who pay attention to every minute detail without even asking.

In healthcare, paying attention to detail while responding promptly to patients’ needs and expertise are paramount and critical in deciding the patient outcome. Double-triple checks while assessing the patient’s health could mean all the difference in the clinical outcome.

Extremely Organised & Detail-Oriented Professionals

Working As A Team Player Can Boost Organisations’ Productivity

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Michael Jordan

It is a well-proven fact that teams that work together are more productive and motivated in achieving organisational goals.

The healthcare industry is unpredictable, and being a team player is extremely important. As a result, employers are always looking for candidates who believe in contributing to the organisations’ growth as team players while uncovering different ideas and work perspectives. Knowing all these qualities is easy but the burning question is:

Working As A Team Player Can Boost Organisations' Productivity

Where To Find The Employers to Showcase These Qualities?

The Answer Is Here! Your CV has probably been on every recruitment site and has had no real outcome, but this solution will change your life!

If you possess these super skills, then India’s top healthcare employers are looking for you on Jobizo, India’s first healthcare HR-tech platform for a flexible workforce.

Where To Find The Employers to Showcase These Qualities

All you need to do is download the Jobizo app (Play Store/App Store), sign up as an on-demand healthcare professional, and search for the best-suited healthcare jobs. Jobizo basically provides healthcare professionals with on-demand work opportunities in the top hospitals. 

The top names in the industry like – Fortis, Apollo Spectra, CK Birla Hospital, Bhagat Hospitals, Manipal Hospitals, and many others are actively hiring skilled professionals like you through the JOBIZO web app.

Additionally, you can also access discounted cloud-based training programs through the Jobzio app (Play Store/App Store) to level up your skills without wasting time elsewhere.

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