How Do On-Demand Workers Help Healthcare Institutions During A Crisis?

No patient deserves to be left unattended, having no healthcare worker by their side. Therefore, the healthcare system must strengthen what it relies upon the most during testing times—healthcare workers.

Now the question isDoes it seem achievable?

It certainly is with the gig economy that offers an on-demand healthcare workforce ready to deliver services per healthcare institutions’ needs. The gig model is the 21st-century flexible and temporary job-based model where healthcare organizations can hire professionals for their urgent staffing requirements. The gig economy allows healthcare professionals to work anywhere, anytime, unlike full-time/traditional employees.

India’s upbeat healthcare sector is racing ahead, and as per the current growth rate, it is expected to reach $50 billion by 2025.

However, despite the magnificent growth of the healthcare sector, the situation is grim as India’s qualified active healthcare workforce stands at 11 to 12 doctors and nurses/midwives per 10,000 persons, almost half the WHO recommended threshold of 22.8 health workers per 10,000.

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic did slow down the economy, affecting several sectors, especially healthcare, on the brighter side, it revealed the gaps the system needs to fill and areas that need work. The healthcare sector was the worst hit, with patients turning up in huge numbers and the inability of hospitals to handle Covid surges.

Healthcare crises are inevitable, but on-demand healthcare workers remain the potential response to such emergencies that may happen in the foreseeable future. Let’s understand how the on-demand workers turn out to be the biggest asset of any healthcare institution during a crisis. 

Manage Patient Flow

A crisis-like situation begins with a massive inflow of patients to any healthcare institution, like when Covid was at its peak. 

Overwhelmed healthcare institutions can find solace and strengthen their workforce by hiring qualified on-demand workers in the middle of a crisis. Hence, talented on-demand workers can assist healthcare institutions amid worsened patient flow while reducing wait times.

Prevent Burnout Of Existing Staff

Healthcare workers are always at the forefront of any medical crisis. As the backbone of the industry, healthcare professionals are prone to burnout and high stress levels due to the nature of the job. 

Hence, hiring on-demand workers can be a blessing in disguise and help prevent the existing staff from coming under pressure due to workforce shortages.

Offer Specialised Expertise

Institutions may sometimes require someone with advanced knowledge in a specific area, and hiring a permanent employee would be time-consuming and costly. 

Hence, healthcare institutions can hire an on-demand workforce to cater to their needs in either a crisis or on a need basis.

Assist With New Services

Healthcare is a fast-paced industry, and institutions must constantly implement new ways to enhance the patient experience. 

Hence, medical facilities can hire expert professionals on a locum basis to assist them with the latest services they are planning for or wish to launch.


As demand rises for quality healthcare, the need for talented professionals continues to soar. Healthcare institutions can work toward building an on-demand workforce that can assist them going forward. And if you are looking for qualified on-demand healthcare workers, then you have come to the right place.

Jobizo is India’s first digitized flexible healthcare recruitment platform designed to bridge the staffing gap between healthcare institutions and professionals.

In the past year, since Jobizo began its journey, it has assisted numerous healthcare institutions and aided in their growth by providing a qualified workforce. Currently, till August 2022, Jobizo is associated with 221 healthcare institutions across India, and the number is rapidly growing every day. With Jobizo, medical facilities can gear up and prepare themselves for any healthcare emergency without worrying about going through the lengthy hiring process for permanent positions. 

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