Overcome Crippling Staff Shortages Amid Omicron Scare

Overcome crippling staff shortages amid Omicron scare.jpg

More than 8,000 healthcare workers at various healthcare facilities in India have already been tested positive for Covid, increasing the tally every day. This data is enough to bring chills down our spines! What will follow is a solution of how we can deal with this with the resources at our disposal.  Read-Along! The healthcare […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Healthcare Recruitment

How Artificial Intelligence can boost healthcare recruitment

According to the Future Health Index (FHI) 2021 India Report, around 94% of Indian healthcare leaders are willing to invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in the foreseeable future. The report also pointed out that Indian healthcare leaders have more inclination towards this cutting-edge technology for future investments. Over 79% of healthcare leaders in India […]

How Is Technology Helping Healthcare Recruiters Find The Best Talent?


Technology has transformed our everyday lives while making them accessible, faster, and more feasible.  Health tech is the fastest-growing segment of the healthcare industry. As the world continues to witness the healthcare industry’s growth due to medical advancements and technological developments, India stands tall amongst its global competitors. India’s healthcare sector is continuously expanding and […]