How Is Technology Helping Healthcare Recruiters Find The Best Talent?

Technology has transformed our everyday lives while making it accessible, faster, and more feasible. Health tech is the fastest-growing segment of the healthcare industry. As the world continues to witness the healthcare industry’s growth due to medical advancements and technological developments, India stands tall amongst its global competitors.

India’s healthcare sector is continuously expanding and is estimated to touch US$ 372 billion by 2022, driven by several reasons, such as lifestyle changes, increasing wages, the need for quality healthcare, diseases, and insurance coverage.

But as the demand for quality healthcare rises, recruiters leave no stone unturned to hire qualified professionals to keep patients happy and healthy. However, hiring and maintaining a pool of talented professionals remains a top priority and the need of the hour for recruiters.

Why Is India’s Healthcare System Struggling?

Lack of infrastructure

India is facing a massive struggle to invest in new and maintain the existing infrastructure. Despite proposed government regulation, institutions grapple with implementation due to a lack of funding to upgrade the hospital infrastructure.

Shortage Of Staff

The shortage of trained workforce has become a daunting task leading to chaos in efficiently delivering patient care.

The doctor-patient ratio in India stands at 1:1511, i.e., there is one doctor for every 1,511 people, as against WHO recommended ratio of 1:1000, whereas the shortage of trained nurses is even more concerning, with the nurse-to-patient ratio at 1:670 against the WHO prescribed ratio of 1:300.

Unmanageable Patient-Load

Healthcare institutions frequently have to deal with the increasing patient load, not just during epidemics or pandemics.

India’s population is estimated to be around 1.39 billion. Therefore, serving the needs and requirements of a vast population poses several challenges starting with achieving the ratio of doctor and nurse to patient.

Unaffordable Healthcare

In India, the divide between the wealthy, middle class, and poor sections continues to grow. Hence, the out-of-pocket health expenditure is leading to stress amongst the people. 

Though government hospitals offer free health services, the health facilities are crumbling due to several reasons: 

  • The shortage of staff
  • Lack of protective equipment 
  • Limited access to healthcare in rural areas

How Is Technology Addressing India’s Healthcare Challenges?

As the demand rises, the healthcare industry progresses, and hence technology will have a vital role in the transformation. 

In the 21st century, technology has become the backbone of various industries, enhancing productivity. As a result, Healthcare institutions are moving forward with time. Recognizing the impact and future of advanced technology, healthcare facilities across the globe are adopting and implementing newer technologies.

Some of the ways technologies are helping in making work more hassle-free:

  • Enhanced clinical outcomes
  • Reducing human errors
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Aiding in better coordination towards patient care 
  • Tracking patient care, hospital operations, scheduling of the staff
  • Electronic health cards
  • Electronic health records

Technology not only helps in transforming the industry as a whole but also has proved vital in assisting the healthcare recruiters. 

Technology For Healthcare Recruiters

To keep up with the rising demand, healthcare institutions need to maintain quality talent at hand. However, sourcing qualified candidates can often become a big task, and recruiters may find it challenging to keep track of past applicants who could be a good fit for the upcoming roles.

Sadly, many healthcare institutions face shortages due to time constraints and a lack of resources to find qualified candidates leading to continued pressure.

Technology Connecting Recruiters With Potential Candidates

Undoubtedly, technology connects the world and makes our work faster and easier. Having efficient technology in place reduces recruiters’ time to find the right fit for the organization.

Integration of AI in Healthcare Recruitment

Artificial intelligence has gained traction over the past few years as the world witnesses digital transformation. 

AI is reshaping the healthcare industry landscape from automating manual processes to using algorithms and machine learning to examine and evaluate data. With core abilities like a human, artificial intelligence can evolve and deliver even superior results over time. 

Hiring Decisions

Hiring someone is a long process and costs companies big time. Therefore, technology can assist healthcare recruiters in utilizing modern tech and helping talent acquisition fill relevant vacancies by making more accurate hiring decisions and finding suitable professionals for the job. 

Embedding Analytics In Recruitment Process

The recruitment process requires managing multiple tasks and analytics to estimate whether strategies are working out or not. Therefore, embedding analytics into the recruitment process should be on recruiters’ checklist to become more strategic and tweak the hiring process.


Leveraging modern tech is assisting institutions to deal with numerous challenges. Technology is here to make our decisions more fast-paced, enhance the already existing process, and assist recruiters in making more informed decisions while recruiting talent.

Despite numerous challenges, and through all the tests and trials, Jobizo, an idea that can change India’s healthcare landscape, has finally been introduced.

Jobizo has pushed India’s dream of reaching its true potential in the healthcare sector a notch higher by presenting a plan to deal with the existing staffing problems. Jobizo, India’s first digitized flexible healthcare recruitment platform is the perfect matchmaker for medical institutions seeking locums and medical professionals seeking short-term jobs. 

Healthcare institutions facing emergencies can fill their short-term staffing gaps with talented and skilled professionals. Hence, no more stress finding the best locums nearby. At the same time, healthcare professionals can work as locums and find the job of their choice with competitive pay while maintaining the desired work-life balance.

A hassle-free solution to India’s healthcare challenges at the tap of your fingers. Download the Jobizo app (Play Store/App Store) and connect with top healthcare recruiters today.

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