How Can Locum Jobs Help In Evading The Future Of Medical Staffing Shortages?

According to the World Bank, examining the growing prospect of the healthcare sector, the world is looking towards a deficit of 80.2 million workers by 2030 globally, and that India will have to have a workforce of 2 million doctors and 6 million nurses to fulfil the need.

The world is currently dealing with an unprecedented situation as Covid 19 has created one of the biggest healthcare emergencies globally. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has sent shockwaves across the healthcare establishments while exposing our preparedness to deal with a crisis such as this.

Always at the forefront of the crisis, healthcare institutions and professionals have dealt with various setbacks due to a lack of skilled staff over the years. But what exactly do we have to focus on, and how to brace ourselves against the impending healthcare challenges. 

From problem to solution, we’ll explore various aspects of healthcare staffing and how locum jobs can reduce the current staffing concerns of the medical institutions. 

What Is A Locum?

The word locum comes from locum tenens, a Latin phrase that means ‘to hold a place’. Therefore, a locum is a person who temporarily fulfills the duties of another person, sometimes of doctors, nurses, and other specialists.

Locums can opt to work for the healthcare facilities during the absence of their regular staff and offer their services. Although the nature of the position is temporary and more like a freelance, they still are governed by the respective authorities or the healthcare facilities they are working for.

Bnefits Of Hiring A Locum

As recruitment remains a daunting task, especially during a healthcare crisis, hiring locums comes as a breather for several facilities. Let’s find out how

Overcome Staff Shortage

The healthcare sector has always had to deal with staff shortages. Hence, locum fills the immediate staff gap while offering institutions enough time to further work on their strategies and long-term goals.

Prevent Burnout

Being a part of the healthcare sector and providing exemplary patient care is a never-ending job, but professionals, too, need a break from their daily routine. So Locums work and offer their services when the regular staff of the healthcare facility is not available due to holidays, personal exigency, or staff shortages.

Seasonal Surges Of Patient Flow

Sometimes healthcare institutions can be overwhelmed with the rising demand, especially during a pandemic, peak season for travelers, and surges in patient numbers due to seasonal flu. 

However, with the help of locum, healthcare facilities can retain their already overworked staff and the existing patients and accommodate new patients. Bringing locums can help the healthcare institutions cover the seasonal inflow of patients, offering additional work hours and the opportunity to earn more as per industry standards.

Work-Life Balance

Healthcare professionals often deal with poor work-life balance and coping with stress and various health issues, mental or physical. Today’s generation wants to attain a healthier lifestyle; in a situation such as this, hiring locums can be helpful, allowing the institutions to cater to the needs of already existing full-time health specialists while retaining them.


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