How Artificial Intelligence can boost healthcare recruitment

How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Healthcare Recruitment

According to the Future Health Index (FHI) 2021 India Report, around 94% of Indian healthcare leaders are willing to invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in the foreseeable future. The report also pointed out that Indian healthcare leaders have more inclination towards this cutting-edge technology for future investments.

Over 79% of healthcare leaders in India are investing in telehealth as they believe it is one of the essential digital health technologies.

What do these stats tell us?

Staff shortages due to an increase in medical emergencies and patient load have shifted the world’s pendulum towards adopting new technologies thus driving the digital revolution globally. The healthcare industry is a rapidly evolving sector, and the demand for affordable and quality healthcare services is growing.

Moreover, the entire workforce comes under an immense burden with the increasing patient load, making it even more challenging to deliver the services. As the demand for health services increases, technology can play a crucial role in transforming the healthcare ecosystem.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

“AI is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.”

John McCarthy

Artificial intelligence is not a technology but a collection of several technologies having the potential to work together and enable human-like intelligence levels.

Artificial Intelligence can transform various aspects of healthcare offerings, patient care, administrative work, and recruitment hassle on a daily basis. Especially during a crisis, it is very productive for healthcare institutions. 

Challenges In Healthcare Recruitment

India is a favorite destination for affordable healthcare as it offers specialized services and treatments for various diseases. As health awareness, affordability, and the need for quality healthcare takes center stage, the per capita expenditure on healthcare witnesses a sharp spike.

The fast expansion of the healthcare industry is fuelling demand for qualified medical professionals and technicians. But like any other industry, healthcare recruitment faces several challenges as well.

  • Lack of verified and qualified professionals
  • Tedious hiring process
  • Healthcare hiring: Education vs Experience
  • Retention of healthcare worker
  • Inefficient onboarding process

What is the solution to this?

Artificial Intelligence. Healthcare Institutions across the globe are utilizing AI to reduce their staffing gaps and build a strong workforce. 

 AI Boosting Healthcare Recruitment

The healthcare industry is a critical sector with many challenges where securing the patients’ lives is of utmost priority, and hence in a profession like this, it is crucial to source the right candidate.

Hiring the right candidate can be extremely challenging for healthcare organizations, but artificial intelligence can reduce the hassle and assist institutions to fill staffing gaps.

Optimizing Recruitment Funnel

Artificial intelligence makes the tedious healthcare recruitment process easier, more efficient, and more affordable. As healthcare providers adopt better strategies, recruiting someone is no longer a lengthy process. 

Technology assists in the efficient functioning of the recruitment funnel by removing the candidates who are not a good fit while retaining the right ones.

Speeding Up The Hiring Process

A cluster of technology that AI is, hiring has become far easier and simpler. From scheduling and conducting interviews, skills assessments, and sending paperwork to the candidates, AI has reinvented hiring practices while speeding up the entire process.

Saving Time And Money

Time is everything in the healthcare industry. Better healthcare recruitment strategies can save an organization time, effort, and money. 

Artificial intelligence is assisting healthcare facilities to reduce their hiring costs while increasing efficiency in discovering qualified and talented professionals. The new software rollouts can find potential candidates by reviewing millions of profiles within seconds, which otherwise would take a longer period if done manually.

Artificial intelligence moves faster and quicker, reducing time and the possibilities of error while screening medical candidates.

Targeting Passive Professionals

A passive professional is an individual who is currently working and not actively looking for a new position. Sometimes, an active candidate may not fulfill the job requirements, whereas finding a passive professional can be a tough task. However, artificial intelligence can guide healthcare institutions to target passive professionals who may be open to learning more about a certain position.

Therefore, programmatic recruitment uses algorithms to ensure that the right job ads are in front of professionals where they are most likely to notice. AI can place ads according to the institution’s set benchmarks and funnel potential candidates into the system.

Enhanced Recruitment Experience

Another major benefit of integrating artificial intelligence in healthcare recruitment is delivering a better experience. For candidates, the job is no longer about finding the right position and receiving good compensation; they look for a more unified experience and gauge the hiring culture of the institution.

Automation To Streamline Hiring

New recruitment strategies in healthcare can only be developed when recruiters have ample time to work on them and are free from mundane tasks. Transforming healthcare talent acquisition is necessary to focus on other important tasks.

Artificial intelligence enables and assists healthcare institutions in removing this huge administrative burden off their shoulders by automating the recruitment team’s work.

Hence, we can state with utmost confidence that AI has arrived in the healthcare industry and is here to make recruitment operations faster and more efficient. 


The emergence of artificial intelligence in healthcare is no less than a revolution, on the one hand, where the Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down, whereas, on the other hand, it has pushed everyone to rely more on digital technologies.

AI is the next phase of the tech revolution, and it is crucial to use it to create a more engaging experience to attract potential candidates. Keeping this advancement in mind, we created Jobizo to ease the pain of the healthcare recruiters and make the industry stronger. 

Jobizo, India’s first digitized flexible healthcare recruitment platform, offers world-class technology that lets employers effectively handle their staffing shortages and workforce demand. If you are a healthcare institution that is stressed or don’t understand how to utilize technology to fill the staffing gap, then Jobizo is here to guide you towards a hassle-free future.

Jobizo offers unmatched technology helping healthcare institutions hire locums without any recruitment and overtime costs. Register on our web app and leverage artificial intelligence to facilitate your healthcare institution’s growth.

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