A New Powerhouse of Global Healthcare Hiring: IFANglobal is now Jobizo

In the dynamic world of healthcare recruitment, one platform is making waves and reshaping the industry as we know it. Jobizo, India’s pioneering tech-enabled recruitment platform for healthcare professionals, has joined forces with IFANglobal, a renowned worldwide healthcare recruitment company with 21+ years of experience. This groundbreaking business transfer is set to disrupt the USD 144.9 billion healthcare professionals market and revolutionize the way healthcare organizations find top talent while opening new doors for Indian healthcare workers seeking opportunities abroad.

A Transformative Partnership

Jobizo’s journey began as India’s first tech-enabled flexible hiring platform for healthcare professionals, and now, with the backing of IFANglobal, it is evolving into a global healthcare powerhouse. IFANglobal brings more than two decades of expertise in worldwide recruitment and training to the table, with a track record of deploying qualified nurses from 51 nationalities to countries such as the UAE, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, and beyond. 

Impressive Impact and Achievements

The numbers speak for themselves. So far, Jobizo has generated more than 100,000 days of paid work in the industry, a testament to its commitment to connecting professionals with meaningful opportunities. Moreover, the platform has recorded more than 334,705 patient care hours, over 37,095 LOCUM hours, and more than 297,517 hours of long-term service. These statistics underscore Jobizo’s significant contribution to the healthcare sector’s workforce and its dedication to facilitating quality care.

Expanding Horizons

This business transfer couldn’t come at a more critical time for the healthcare sector, which is experiencing an unprecedented demand for skilled professionals. With this strategic move, Jobizo is expanding its global reach and talent pool, connecting more than 10,000 professionals with healthcare organizations worldwide. To date, Jobizo has facilitated the delivery of crucial services to hospitals, contributing significantly to saving lives. The platform’s aim is to become a comprehensive one-stop solution for healthcare professionals worldwide.

A Vision for the Future

Avishek Agarwal, CEO of Jobizo, sees this merger as a milestone propelling Jobizo into a new era of growth and global influence. He stated, “We are confident that this strategy will help the competent Indian healthcare workforce to gain easy access to international healthcare job opportunities abroad.” 

This alliance is not just about connecting professionals with opportunities; it is also about elevating the entire healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals will find it easier to access lucrative opportunities abroad, enhance their skills, and deliver higher-quality services. For employers, finding the right talent has never been more efficient.

A Unified Force

The synergy between Jobizo and IFANglobal creates a unique powerhouse poised to revolutionize healthcare hiring. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, a global network, and deep industry knowledge, the united entity is set to transform healthcare recruitment on an unprecedented scale. Naveen Trehan, CEO at IFANglobal, emphasized their commitment to delivering exceptional value to clients, stating, “We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients by leveraging our technology, global network, and deep industry knowledge.”

A Transformative Impact

Jobizo’s new business strategy is expected to have far-reaching effects. It aims to help over 1,000 healthcare professionals find jobs in the international market, catering to the evolving talent needs of healthcare organizations worldwide. This transformation is projected to boost Jobizo’s revenue by at least 500% in the current financial year and significantly increase its market penetration.

Jobizo’s merger with IFANglobal is a transformative moment in the healthcare recruitment landscape. It not only connects healthcare professionals with global opportunities but also improves the quality of healthcare services worldwide. As this dynamic partnership unfolds, we can expect Jobizo to continue taking center stage in healthcare, driving innovation, and making a positive impact on the industry as a whole. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this healthcare revolution.

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