Healthcare Recruitment: Modern Vs. Traditional Approach

India’s healthcare industry has been on an upward growth trajectory and the NITI Aayog’sAayog’s prediction of the healthcare sector growing to $372 billion in 2022, with a CAGR of around 22%, is a testimony to the positive sentiment.

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic plunged economies and sectors across the globe, with healthcare being the hardest hit. The workforce crunch and shortage of skilled professionals made things far worse.

Healthcare institutions have always faced a critical workforce shortage, and even though the coronavirus pandemic deepened the crisis further, it also gave the much-needed limelight required to bring the issue to the forefront.

And the only reasonable way to respond to the crisis is a consolidated solution: recruitment. The more healthcare institutions work towards fixing the problem of manpower shortages, the more qualified and talented professionals they have during a health crisis.

In the 21st century, with the advent of technology, healthcare institutions are utilising modern methods to hire and attract talented professionals against the traditional ones. Let’s deep dive into healthcare institutions’ traditional and modern hiring approaches.

Traditional Hiring Techniques

Traditional recruitment was the only way to find qualified and talented candidates in the pre-digital era. Healthcare institutions exercised several conventional techniques to recruit new talents to their organisation, such as:

Newspaper Job Postings

Newspapers are the best means of mass communication and to pass any urgent information on a daily basis. Healthcare institutions used area-wise newspapers depending on the job location to attract talented employees through display ads and reach as many people as possible.

Recruiting Internally

Healthcare institutions prefer internal recruits since it is less time-consuming and is considered less expensive than hiring someone externally. In the absence of technology, healthcare organisations used to fill urgent positions with existing employees’ help.

Word Of Mouth

In the age of technology, healthcare institutions often post vacancies through the digital medium. Despite all this, word of mouth remains a relevant and crucial part of institutions’ recruitment strategy.

Recruitment Flyers

Another widely used traditional method is a job flyer. Healthcare organisations have used job flyers to inform and entice qualified workforce to apply for a specific job vacancy. 

Even though traditional recruitment strategies did play a crucial role in fulfilling the requirement, however, as time went on, healthcare institutions looked for tech-friendly modern hiring techniques for faster and more seamless solutions. Let’s look at all the modern-hiring techniques institutions are incorporating into business as part of their overall strategy.

Modern Hiring Techniques

Technology has been a blessing in disguise. Healthcare recruiters have so far used traditional hiring models. However, newer recruitment methods have made their way with the help of cutting-edge technology.

AI-Powered Recruitment

As technology rose to prominence, healthcare institutions now understand the need for a hassle-free hiring process with the help of a permanent staffing agency. The AI-powered healthcare staffing agency like Jobizo has all the recruitment procedures in place and a vast pool of candidates, which institutions can leverage to find qualified professionals.


The most significant technological revolution has to be the smartphone which made life easier and faster. Healthcare institutions understand how essential smartphones are and that professionals use them to find jobs, making them a powerful tool of the 21st century.

Social Media Platforms

In the age of digital media, individuals spend more time on social media than anywhere else. And healthcare institutions know its benefits and what they will miss out on if they don’t utilise the power of social media to connect with prospective candidates. 

Job Advertisement Online

Unlike traditional advertising methods such as newspapers, healthcare institutions are now using online advertising tools to find the candidates they are looking for. 

Conclusion: Traditional Vs. Modern Recruitment Methods: Which one is better?

With the help of software, healthcare institutions sort out all the candidates’ applications in no time. The modern hiring technique has shown its cost-effectiveness compared to the traditional one.

Undoubtedly the traditional hiring model used to be a time-taking process, unlike the modern one, which is quicker and faster. From posting the jobs in real-time to getting access to a pool of candidates in no time, modern hiring takes the lead.

And if your institution wants a faster and quicker approach to hiring talented candidates, then Jobizo, India’s dynamic and one-of-a-kind healthcare recruitment company, can help you achieve that without wasting time.

Jobizo is India’s first digitised flexible healthcare recruitment platform to assist institutions in finding qualified candidates per their requirements and help professionals find the job of their choice without compromising their work-life balance.

Jobizo is a modern healthcare recruitment platform for your hiring needs. Learn how modern hiring techniques can solve all your problems with Jobizo. Register on our web app today, and take a step toward the future of healthcare staffing.

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