Busting Myths About On-Demand Nurses

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system globally, and their contribution is critical in delivering superior patient care. Due to the prevalence of lifestyle diseases, the ageing population, need for affordable and high-quality healthcare, the demand for caregivers is increasing every day. Despite a robust healthcare system, India has been dealing with a shortage of nurses. Going by the current scenario, India is looking at a rapidly rising demand for more nurses to fill the gap. To meet the WHO norms, India needs to add more than 4.3 million nurses by 2024. At present, India has over 3 million registered nurses and midwives for a population of over 1.3 billion, a ratio less than the WHO norm of 3 nurses per 1000 population. The shortage of qualified and trained nurses is a worldwide challenge, and on-demand nurses can assist healthcare institutions in delivering better patient care promptly. However, certain common myths are circulating about locum nurses, and today’s blog will shatter misconceptions surrounding the on-demand nurses and what one should expect of locum jobs.

Myth No. 1: On-Demand Nurses Aren’t Well-Paid

One of the biggest myths about on-demand nurses is that they aren’t well-paid like nurses working permanently at a healthcare institution.


Since on-demand positions are open due to emergency requirements or the unavailability of the staff, the hospital would be willing to pay handsome compensation to fill the vacancy on a temporary basis, which may vary based on the experience and location of the job.

Myth No. 2: No Job Stability

It is a common belief that working as a gig worker is unstable as there is no fixed income or a fixed job.


Since the need for nurses is increasing exponentially, there is no dearth of nursing jobs in India, nor will there be in the foreseeable future. Working as an on-demand nurse gives them 100% flexibility of working as per their discretion. Also, institutions can offer them a permanent role after their part-time job is over.

Myth No. 3: Full-Time Nurses Can’t Work As A Locum

It is believed that full-time nurses can never work on-demand.


Several full-time nurses choose to render their services on-demand to healthcare institutions during their leisure time, such as vacations or weekly offs. Jobizo– an app for locum nurses that has several full-time nurses registered on it. However, full-time nurses must cross-check their employment contracts if they are allowed to take on some side gigs and earn some extra income.

Myth No. 4: Healthcare Staff Resentful Toward On-Demand Nurses

It is believed that healthcare staff are resentful toward on-demand nurses and don’t like to work with them since they offer their services to the institutions on a temporary basis.


There is a growing shortage of nurses in India, and the data shared above stands witness to the widening gap. As nurses have a vital role in the healthcare ecosystem, medical professionals working in the facility understand the expertise they bring to the table and are grateful for their assistance. A competent locum nurse ensures quality care while being supportive to co-workers and making the presence felt in the organisation.

Myth No. 5: On-Demand Nurses Are Inexperienced

It is believed that on-demand nurses are inexperienced, so they choose temporary positions instead of permanent ones; this myth has been going on far too long.


On the contrary, on-demand nurses carry significant work experience to land a job in a healthcare institution. However, some prefer on-demand jobs to have a better work-life balance, career flexibility, and better compensation prospects. In addition, since full-time hiring can be time-taking, institutions tend to hire on-demand nurses after a thorough healthcare recruitment process.


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