Addressing the workplace risks faced by workers

Addressing The Workplace Risks Faced By Workers At Manufacturing Units

’13 workers died of silicosis in the last 16 months in Gujarat’. This shocking news is not a one-off incident at industrial units. The factory workers have to deal with such instances quite often and are, unfortunately, abandoned to their fate.

In 2021, the Indian manufacturing industries reported seven accidents on average, killing more than 162 workers and leaving others injured and disabled.

Workplace health risks present far more severe challenges for industrial workers, who have to put up with them on an everyday basis.

Workplace health risks

Accidents and constant exposure to dangerous substances at manufacturing units leave workers with chronic illnesses. And this quote perfectly sums up this situation: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; except for workplace hazards, if they don’t kill you, they can leave you with a lifelong disability.” 

But not just workers; employers, too, eventually have to bear the brunt due to regular setbacks such as reduced workplace productivity, operational costs, compensation costs and possible lawsuits caused by occupational hazards.

But it’s time to collectively address the concerns surrounding occupational health hazards and workers’ safety at manufacturing units in India. According to employment survey data released by the Indian government, the manufacturing sector is the largest employer in India, employing about 39% of the workers.

The sector is one of the key contributors to the country’s GDP, and the health of its workforce is crucial to keep the growth momentum going. However, the reality is that the workers employed at manufacturing units are indeed prone to numerous health hazards that impact their lives enormously, leaving them scarred for life.

This blog aims to highlight the concerns surrounding occupational hazards for factory workers and what is the solution that could help manufacturing companies safeguard the health and safety of their workers.

Indian manufacturing industries need to implement a safer model to protect their workers’ health throughout the entire work process, including production, operations, and logistics. But despite efforts, there are apparent health and safety risks in the workplace that haunt the manufacturing industries today, such as:

  • Falls from height while working can lead to fatal injuries and deaths.
  • Excessive exposure to noise can cause permanent hearing loss.
  • A poor ventilation system can be lethal and hazardous.
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals can have disastrous long-term effects on factory workers’ health.
Falls from height while working
Exposure to harmful chemicals

Jobizo: A Way To Safeguard Your Workers’ Health

As mentioned, factory workers are often exposed to hazardous chemicals and fumes, and the associated risks often lead to work-related fatalities. Their health may deteriorate over time, a by-product of working in a high-risk work environment of manufacturing units.

As a manufacturing institution, if you are looking for a way to secure the life of your workers, then Jobizo, India’s first healthcare HR-tech platform , can address your safety-related concern.

Even though no concrete way exists to eliminate mishaps, specific measures can be taken to minimise such incidents. With Jobizo, your manufacturing unit can book on-demand healthcare workers for regular checkups, training, etc., at no extra hiring cost to ensure the 24/7 safety of your workers

And if you are wondering how an on-demand healthcare HR-Tech platform can help you, then it’s time for you to delve deeper. Here’s how your manufacturing unit can scale up safety standards with the help of Jobizo Verified Workers:

  • By Assisting Injured Workers
  • By Ensuring the Safety & Health Of Workers
  • By Conducting Healthcare Programs 
  • By Training Workers On First Aid and CPR
Jobizo_ A Way To Safeguard Your Workers' Health

Jobizo’s journey started in 2021 with an aim to revolutionise India’s healthcare industry. 

A noble initiative that began by serving the needs of healthcare institutions with a flexible workforce has now expanded its horizon to cater to manufacturing units/factories across India to avoid any unfortunate happening.

Want to know how it can help your manufacturing unit? Sign up with us today, and take a step forward to secure your workplace.

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