Why Is NABH_JCI Accreditation Important

Why Is NABH/JCI Accreditation Important For Your Healthcare Institution?

An institution must acquire accreditation to make a valuable contribution in any field. This is true, even more so for the medical industry. Getting an accreditation ensures that your hospital is functioning at a level that meets the benchmarks set by the best healthcare organisations. 

NABH and JCI are the two most prestigious accrediting bodies in the medical industry. Accreditation from them is very beneficial to all the stakeholders in your organisation; especially, the consumers as they get only the best quality services from your healthcare institution. 

If an environment of support and compassion does not exist around the patients, it can adversely impact their recovery process, and in some cases, even worsen the effects of their ailment.

An accreditation from NABH or JCI serves as a ‘seal of approval’ for your hospital in the industry. It builds trust and instantly showcases to your local community the effort you put into caring for your patients and ensuring their safety.

NABH operates on the national level whereas JCI does on an international level. Let us understand the functions and nature of these two organisations in detail.


What is NABH?

NABH stands for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals. The board is part of the Quality Council of India. Its primary function is to establish and operate an accreditation program for healthcare organisations across India.

The board benchmarks and assesses the healthcare institutions based on the quality of services they are providing to their patients.

It is a fully autonomous body and operates with the support of the healthcare industry, government and consumers.

What is NABH_

What is the mission and vision of NABH?

NABH operates with the goal of running accreditation and other related programs in collaboration with all stakeholders.

It works with the vision of being the apex body for national healthcare accreditation. It aids in improvement of hospital services and brings them at par with global standards.

Its programmes focus on patient safety and check if national/international quality standards are maintained by the hospitals. NABH evaluates hospitals and performs re-evaluation of accredited organisations every two years.

What is the mission and vision of NABH


What is JCI?

JCI stands for Joint Commission International. It is a global level institution accredited by IEEA to evaluate and approve quality standards for hospitals across the globe. The institution provides the much coveted “golden seal of approval”.

Fortis Hospital and Max Hospital are one of the many hospitals in New Delhi that have won the golden seal of approval from JCI. They were awarded for their high-quality services along with maximum safety for their patients.

What is JCI_

What is the purpose of JCI?

JCI gives innovative solutions and able leadership for improving the quality of healthcare services and increasing patient satisfaction. It provides rigorous standards of care and gives advice for bringing efficiency in hospital management. 

It offers education, publications, advisory services, and internal accreditation and certification to hospitals all around the world.

What is the purpose of JCI

Benefits Of Getting Accreditation By These Organisations

Interest of Patients and Local Community

It is your patients that stand to gain the most from NABH and JCI accreditation. Your hospital gives them the highest quality of care but it is necessary to get official recognition to reassure all present and future patients.

The seal of approval guarantees that your hospital employs only credible staff, regularly evaluates patient satisfaction levels and is committed to improving the quality of their experience. Due to this, the local community also develops an unshakeable trust in your hospital. Thus, an accreditation becomes necessary to build goodwill with the community.

Why Is NABH_JCI Accreditation Important - Interest of Patients and Local Community

Benefits to Staff

Your staff will highly benefit from accreditation as they will receive education that will expand their knowledge base. Healthcare institutions accredited with such certifications becomes an added advantage to attract the best talent from across the globe. All these benefits will culminate into the overall development of your clinical and paramedical staff.

Benefits to Staff

Get insurance Easily

Insuring your hospital is very necessary as it is a basic service that must be available to every citizen. In a time of disaster, insurance companies can provide the capital to make your hospital operational again. They ensure that the community is not adversely affected.

An accreditation helps insurance companies to assess your hospital’s prowess based on an objective assessment by industry respected evaluators. It is proof for them that only reliable and certified facilities; good infrastructure and the best level of care are provided to patients in your hospital.

Get insurance Easily

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