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How Verified Credentials Make Hiring Hassle-Free?

The healthcare industry is an ever-evolving landscape that has witnessed significant transformations over the years. From ground-breaking technological advancements to innovative treatment approaches, healthcare has made tremendous progress in improving patient outcomes and quality of care. However, amidst these transformative changes, one persistent challenge continues to loom large: workforce shortages.

Healthcare professionals bear an immense responsibility, as they are entrusted with the critical task of safeguarding and enhancing the health and well-being of individuals. Whether it’s doctors, nurses, technicians, or support staff, each role plays a vital part in delivering effective healthcare services. Yet, the scarcity of skilled personnel has become the most pressing concern within the industry.

According to a new report, the demand for skilled healthcare professionals rose by 12% on a year-on-year basis in December 2021. In addition, the new Covid-19 variant Omicron guided the healthcare industry to a 6% month-on-month spike in demand for professionals in December 2021.This data clearly states that our healthcare system needs to facilitate faster and seamless healthcare recruitments to fill these staffing gaps. 

Hassle-Free Medical Recruitment

The healthcare hiring process is challenging for employers and requires persistent efforts. Hence, any mistakes would directly impact the healthcare employer. Thus, they must employ diverse recruitment strategies to hire a medical professional successfully. One of the roadblocks healthcare institutions face while recruitment is delayed and which adds to the work burden of their present staff. 

But not any more!

With the changing face of the healthcare industry, recruitment processes are now being made easier with pre verified credentials which make the process faster and easier. Let’s understand how pre-verified credentials assist healthcare employers amid staffing challenges.

Recruitment Costs

Healthcare is a very demanding sector, where the average recruitment time is around two to three months. As the healthcare industry flourishes, workforce shortages pose a significant challenge. In addition, when recruiting for an overseas job position, healthcare employers pay for a candidate’s work permit and bear the visa, travel, and accommodation expenses.

Since there are other expenses to look forward to, spending time on verifying candidates is what healthcare recruiters can’t afford; hence, they give more weightage to verified candidates.

Establish Trust

Recruitment is a trustworthy business, and recruiters trust you more if your credentials are verified beforehand. Healthcare recruiters want to hire candidates who have nothing to hide about their educational and professional records. Therefore, the first choice of healthcare recruiters would always be candidates with verified credentials.

Reducing Recruitment Time

Time is money, and healthcare recruitment is a lengthy process. In addition, identity verification and background checks often stretch the time leading in order to find the right fit for the healthcare organisation. The verification procedure lasts three to six weeks. However, the longevity of the process depends on various factors, such as the time to authenticate documents of educational institutions or previous employers and problems while verifying previous records.

The hiring process is a tedious task. Hence, employers are ready to offer pre-verified candidates a better salary package to reduce the recruitment time and cost to hire a candidate.

Reducing Wrong Hiring Risk

Healthcare is a sensitive industry; therefore, recruiters have a lot at stake. It takes time to make sure that the candidate is willing and has the required expertise for the job. Hiring the wrong candidate can expose patients to higher risk and put the institution’s image in jeopardy.

It can impact an organisation in more ways than one. 

  • Risking patient’s safety/ Medical negligence 
  • Inviting legal actions
  • Reputational Damage
  • Unrest among existing professionals as an unqualified candidate would not ease the burden off their shoulders.
  • Financial losses

These risks can be minimised if the screening has already been done.Furthermore, since verification comes with an extra cost, employers want to reduce this without risking patients’ lives and causing any reputational damage.

Fulfilling Regulatory Requirement

Before onboarding a healthcare professional, recruiters must verify their educational and professional documents. For example, a recruiter must verify an applicant’s academic qualifications, professional experience, and eligibility to work abroad during overseas recruitment. And failing to do so means being non-compliant to the regulatory authority, eventually facing heavy fines.

Hence, it is safe to say that if healthcare candidates are pre-verified it may take a lot of burden off the institutions and make way for a smoother hiring process. 

JOBIZO – Your Partner In Recruitment

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