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How Is The Gig Economy Bridging The Present Healthcare Staffing Gap?

India’s gig sector is flourishing, and as the work dynamics change, professionals adapt to newer ways to operate. According to the ASSOCHAM report, India’s gig sector is expected to increase to US$455 billion at a CAGR of 17% by 2024. As a result, India will probably have 350 million gig jobs by 2025.

With the deepening healthcare workforce crisis, India needs 1.54 million additional doctors and 2.4 million nurses by 2025 to meet the healthcare industry’s increasing demand.

The healthcare industry is the fastest-growing sector globally owing to lifestyle changes, greater health awareness, prevalence of chronic diseases, medical advancements, and much more. But to cater to the population’s needs, the world needs more and more qualified and skilled professionals.

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The Gig Economy Is Transforming The Healthcare Sector

India’s healthcare sector is evolving amid the ongoing pandemic. In the gig economy, organizations hire short-term workers for temporary job positions to fulfill their staffing needs. 

With a gig model, healthcare organizations can hire professionals per their on-demand staffing needs while having a talented pool of skilled and qualified professionals.

Healthcare is a demanding sector, which comes with a hectic lifestyle. Unfortunately, the lack of skilled healthcare professionals has burdened the existing workforce. Due to poor work-life balance, the current healthcare workforce opts to work as a locum, giving them a better salary and the life they deserve.

Unlike full-time/traditional employees, gig workers can choose when and where to render services, and it comes with many benefits. So let’s elaborate as to what exactly is driving the gig economy and its various benefits.

Cuts The Tedious Recruitment Process

Healthcare institutions have urgent staff needs on some crucial days. In such a scenario, a long and tedious recruitment process right from verifying the candidate to onboarding them can be harmful for hospital operations. 

In a gig economy, hiring locum workers is a much easier and faster process. A recent startup based on the principles of the gig economy, JOBIZO enables hospital institutions to hire verified locum workers in a single click!

Lower Fixed Costs

Hiring is a costly business that involves recruitment and other costs pertaining to the professional. Therefore, the emergence of the gig economy is beneficial as it reduces hiring expenses such as recruitment costs and saves time too in the process.

Healthcare institutions will have access to talented and skilled locums to fulfill the workforce crisis and assist institutions during medical emergencies while keeping the fixed costs on the lower side. 

Strengthening Healthcare Workforce

The healthcare sector is one of the biggest sectors and often deals with emergencies. As a result, healthcare professionals are constantly overburdened due to the continuous inflow of patients, leading to more time at work than at home and adversely impacting their work-life balance. However, with the help of the gig economy, healthcare institutions can prevent burnout among medical professionals. The gig economy enables healthcare professionals to work as locums and maintain a healthy balance between their personal and professional life.

Lower Attrition Rate 

A higher attrition rate indicates that the professionals are leaving the organization faster. It could be due to various factors such as work-life balance, overburdened staff, and other aspects. However, healthcare institutions can lower the attrition rate by hiring locums and reducing the present workforce burnout. 

Flexible Working Hours

The healthcare sector has constantly been suffering due to workforce shortages. The recent pandemic saw a huge surge of staff shortage affecting the quality of patient care directly. 

With the presence of gig workers, these shortages can be easily managed by hiring locums. The locums have the free will to work flexible hours at a workplace of their choice while maintaining the quality of patient care. 

The gig economy is a blessing in disguise for many healthcare institutions solving their day-to-day staffing-related concerns.


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