How Upskilling Healthcare Professionals Can Improve Patient Care?

Do verified and trained nurses need upskilling?

Does their learning end when they become a nurse?

Well. Let us dig in this blog and get answers. 

The healthcare industry has suffered for far too long due to workforce shortages. Professionals are often in a fix due to the lack of upskilling opportunities in their careers and find it a hindrance to their growth.

In collaboration with AstraZeneca India, India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre (HIC) has launched an upskilling program to upskill 5000 nurses across India in the next year by converting the current modules into one-year e-learning.

What Is Upskilling?

The process of learning and acquiring new skill sets to enhance career opportunities is known as upskilling. Since healthcare is a fast-paced industry, upskilling the workforce will ensure quality care to patients.

Employers can take the initiative to train their workforce, and encourage employees to upskill, which will eventually contribute to the organization’s success.

Upskilling To Improve Patient Care

Career advancement is a must for professionals to stay ahead in their career path. Therefore, it becomes even more critical in the healthcare sector, where upskilling eventually improves patient services. Let’s understand why upskilling is necessary for healthcare professionals and why organizations must focus on it more.

Better Patient Care With Skilled Professionals

Skilled professionals always give better outcomes to their patients. Not only are the lives of patients in safe hands, but with the help of upskilling, the workforce can be ready for any new challenges in the foreseeable future. Skilled healthcare professionals can help institutions cater to the growing demand for quality healthcare.

Digitalisation Due To Covid-19

Digitalization has created the need for high-tech professionals. According to the Korn Ferry report, India could be on its way to becoming the next undisputed tech leader with a surplus of over 1 million high-skilled tech workers by 2030.

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has been detrimental and affected many people’s livelihood, gaining new skills will help professionals excel and position themselves firmly in India’s robust economy.

As the world shifts momentum towards technology, more importantly after Covid-19, upgrading skills to match industry standards will only push professionals ahead in their careers while building a stronger foundation for institutions.

Emergency Support

Professionals must always be ready for any medical emergency, and there is no better way to be prepared than by training the healthcare workforce.

While skilled professionals already have the required expertise to work in the sector, upgrading and adding new skills will only help institutions respond better to any crisis.

Bringing Diversity In Work

Upskilling trains medical professionals to be updated with new learnings from across the world. In such a scenario, they can add efficiency to the current routine methods by applying those learnings. 

Healthcare is a dynamic sector, creating more and more opportunities daily. However, as more positions make their way to the market due to the increasing demand, institutions must reinforce the workforce with employee training and development programs to meet future needs.

For example, home healthcare has seen a tremendous surge, especially in the Covid era. And professionals need to adapt and enhance their skills to meet patient needs and ensure the highest quality of care.


We have established that upskilling is necessary, but what still maybe the question is where to look for such training programs. 

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