Discover The World Of Locum Tenens Jobs And Its Impact On Healthcare

What are Locum Tenens Jobs? 

In medicine or clergy fields, a locum tenens professional is someone who temporarily takes over a position. The phrase locum tenens is Latin for “to hold the place of”.

Every day, a resident doctor somewhere is able to enjoy time off with their family or take a sick leave because of temporary professionals readily available to do their job. These professionals, known as locum tenens, travel to new locations and work in hospitals on a temporary basis to care for patients who would otherwise not receive it.

Why are Locum Tenens Workers Needed? and their Benefits

Healthcare is part of core services which must be available 24 hours 7 days a week for a society to function normally. However, maintaining a 24×7 schedule for full-time permanent healthcare workers is impossible. That’s where locum tenens workers come in.

According to a survey by Weatherby Healthcare, 56% of hospitals surveyed said locum tenens professionals helped reduce employee burnout. On the other hand, locum tenens employees enjoy the sense of autonomy and flexibility it brings to their schedules.

Dr. Rip Patel, a medicine physician, had this to say about working in locum tenens positions while talking to Electronic Health Reporter:

“…the autonomy, the flexibility, really being independent and having control of my own practice and standards of practice for how I want to be a physician and how I want to take care of patients”

Dr. Rip Patel

In the same article, other physicians noted the ability to scout for new job opportunities without actively looking for a new job. There are other benefits in working locum tenens jobs like per diem pay rates, opportunities to travel and overall higher satisfaction. For many, these were motivating factors to continue taking temporary assignments even after the pandemic struck.

Why are Locum Tenens Workers Needed and their Benefits

How to find Locum Tenens Jobs with Jobizo?

Jobizo helps healthcare professionals find personalised locum tenens jobs that match their profile. If you are a healthcare professional belonging to one of these categories: 

  • Registered GNM/BSc Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Specialist Doctors
  • Visiting Doctors
  • AYUSH Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Technologists

Then the doors of opportunity are open for you! Start your journey with Jobizo to take control of your career.

Register on the Jobizo App

Once you have downloaded the Jobizo app, you must register with your credentials. These credentials include your formal degrees, certifications and additional qualifications that you have acquired. After you enter your personal details such as phone number, email and credentials, you will become a verified healthcare provider on Jobizo. 

Browse 1000s of Locum tenens/Permanent Healthcare Opportunities 

Once inside the app, you will be greeted with Jobizo’s home screen listing an array of job types: locum, permanent, international and ‘Jobs for Me’. 

Jobizo doesn’t just provide short-term opportunities. It also gives your career long-term stability by showcasing a personalised list of permanent and international jobs in the healthcare industry. This list is generated by our machine learning algorithm which learns your preferences and recommends jobs based on your profile, qualifications and geographic location. Additionally, you can look at the top employers in your area and get access to Jobizo’s referral programme through the Community and Referral tab. 

Browse 1000s of Locum tenens_Permanent Healthcare Opportunities_

Apply and Appear for Interview, all in the Jobizo App

Once you have found a desired opening that matches your schedule, you can apply for it! At this stage, you do not need to do anything extra as all the information regarding you and your qualifications is in your Jobizo profile. 

The employer will directly get access to your profile and schedule an interview if your profile matches their job requirements. Scheduling and appearing for an interview is super easy as it is all managed in the app. So you can forget about broken meeting links, or internet connectivity issues!

Apply and Appear for Interview, all in the Jobizo App

Track your Earnings from the Jobizo Dashboard

After you have served the specified time period, you will receive payment through the Jobizo app itself. You must link your netbanking or UPI to directly receive the remuneration in your bank account! With the Jobizo Dashboard, you can keep track of the total money you have earned and maintain a track record of all previously completed assignments!

Give your Healthcare Career Wings with the Jobizo App

Download the app now from your preferred store! (Play Store/App Store)

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