Addressing The Challenges Of The Indian Healthcare System

India’s healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors, multiplying revenues and creating new employment opportunities while adding more to the economy with each passing day.  India’s healthcare industry has been growing at a CAGR of 22% since 2016 and is expected to reach USD 372 Billion by 2022.  Despite a stupendous growth horizon, India’s […]

The Need To Address India’s Growing Healthcare Workforce Crisis

India’s healthcare industry has been growing aggressively despite Covid-19 posing serious challenges. A new report suggests that India is going big on the global map as the healthcare sector looks promising and is expected to generate $774 billion in revenue by 2030. Even though the growth outlook looks fairly optimistic, the sector has long struggled […]

How Can Small Clinics Increase Their Patient Base And Revenue?

India’s healthcare industry has witnessed sharp growth since 2016, with a CAGR of around 22%; it could reach USD 372 Billion in 2022. The healthcare sector in India has come a long way and is continuously improving its patient care services. According to a report, India has the potential to generate an astonishing $774 billion […]

Healthcare Recruitment: Modern Vs. Traditional Approach

India’s healthcare industry has been on an upward growth trajectory and the NITI Aayog’sAayog’s prediction of the healthcare sector growing to $372 billion in 2022, with a CAGR of around 22%, is a testimony to the positive sentiment. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic plunged economies and sectors across the globe, with healthcare being the hardest […]

Busting Myths About On-Demand Nurses

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system globally, and their contribution is critical in delivering superior patient care. Due to the prevalence of lifestyle diseases, the ageing population, need for affordable and high-quality healthcare, the demand for caregivers is increasing every day.  Despite a robust healthcare system, India has been dealing with a shortage […]

How Can Virtual Hiring Streamline The Healthcare Recruitment Process?

The healthcare industry is one of the busiest professions globally, and workforce shortages make it even more challenging. The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the way companies recruit professionals, and healthcare is also utilizing the new virtual hiring pattern. According to a new research study, the overall Online Recruitment Market, valued at US$ 29,292.3 million […]

Why Is Flexible Staffing Model The Need Of The Hour For Healthcare Institutions?

Healthcare institutions often have to deal with a medical crisis resulting in patient load and overworked frontline workers. The coronavirus pandemic exposed the industry’s preparedness for a health emergency. Medical crises are inevitable, and it is best to prepare for them with a sufficient workforce. Hence, adopting a flexible model is the best solution to […]

How Brain Drain Of Professionals Is Affecting India’s Healthcare Sector?

India is one of the major sources of talented healthcare professionals worldwide. Healthcare workers often move to developed countries to pursue a better career with high earning potential and work-life balance. As a significant source, India supplies healthcare professionals to various countries, such as the GCC countries, the US, UK, among others. Tasked with skilling […]

How Upskilling Healthcare Professionals Can Improve Patient Care?

Do verified and trained nurses need upskilling? Does their learning end when they become a nurse? Well. Let us dig in this blog and get answers.  The healthcare industry has suffered for far too long due to workforce shortages. Professionals are often in a fix due to the lack of upskilling opportunities in their careers […]